A few readers were put off by words I used to describe Paul Krugman the other da…

A few readers were put off by words I used to describe Paul Krugman the other day, and I’m not so obtuse that I don’t see why. So here are two items that delivered the jab more eloquently:
• The bravery of Beinart, and Krugman by Shmuel Rosner http://t.co/cvTM7RXy
• The “As-a-Jews” of the New York Times by Elder of Ziyon http://t.co/7ejgI02R
Beinart, to his credit, dismisses Krugman’s labeling him “brave.”

US-Jewish activist discusses Israel | ABC (Australia)
“All I have to deal with is the occasional friend or even sometimes family member who thinks I’ve got it completely wrong and want to give me a piece of my mind. That doesn’t require bravery.”

One thought on “A few readers were put off by words I used to describe Paul Krugman the other da…

  1. Steve Plaut

    Just who is Krugman? Paul Krugman and I have something in common. He and I are both economists (with Princeton connections) who are completely undeserving of getting a Nobel Prize. Yet Krugman got one, thanks to his many years of service to the Left wing of the Democrat Party in trashing Bush and the Republicans and helping get Obama elected. The Nobel committee picked him out and decided to reward his political loyalty to the Cause. Kind of like Shimon Peres and Yassir Arafat getting theirs. I have never met an economist who thinks Krugman did anything academic deserving of a Nobel Prize and most cannot even point to anything particularly original in Krugman’s academic work.

    In fact, Krugman long ago gave up pretenses of being an academic and is simply a full time point-man and Basher of anything non-liberal for the NYTimes and the rest of the NFM (NFM stands for the Non-Fox media). Krugman’s knowledge of Israel is that he has spent a few days here a number of times years ago (and in fact I met with him during several of these). He is a completely assimilated Jewish liberuh who knows little about Israel and even less about Judaism.

    Even Tikkun is willing to overlook Krugman’s otherwise devotion to liberal capitalism in order to salute his bashing Israel: http://www.tikkun.org/tikkundaily/2012/04/25/paul-krugman-enters-the-fray-and-is-attacked-for-doing-so/

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