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Links of the Day: • How to …

Links of the Day:
• How to Win the Clash of Civilizations by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
• Immanuel Kant vs. Israel by Daniel Pipes
• Lawless by Lee Smith
• Six more reasons why we can't let Iran get nukes by Christopher Hitchens
• How nukes will transform Iran by Michael Rubin
• The Hubris of Peter Beinart by Ron Radosh
• Reforming the Rogue: Lessons from the U.S.-Libya Rapprochement by Dana Moss
• Misunderstood Jezebel by David P. Goldman (Spengler)
• Saddam-style freedom [in academia] by Omer Gertel

Image of the Day: Israel Changes Partners
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R), his wife Sara (2nd R), Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (L) and his wife Ada pose in front of the Parthenon in Athens August 16.

Poor Peter Beinart…

Poor Peter Beinart—disillusioned first by Israel, and now by America over the WTC mosque. He blames Republicans, evangelicals, and Jews, but the title of the piece says it. That's because even those three groups combined don't add up to the 68% of Americans who oppose the mosque, including 54% of Democrats ( And Peter, don't call them your 'fellow Jews.' Fellowship starts with solidarity.

America Has Disgraced Itself by Peter Beinart | The Daily Beast
Conservative fury over the "ground zero" mosque shows that when it comes to the battle for freedom and religious liberty, the U.S. has thrown in the towel.

There's a stir about Harvard's…

There's a stir about Harvard's sale of Israeli stocks. Divestment? Probably not. In May, Morgan Stanley upgraded Israel from an 'emerging' to a 'developed' economy. Cellcom's CFO: "Harvard had to sell our stock because Israel is no longer classified as an emerging market and they no longer have the ability to hold this stock within the emerging markets fund." Still, how about a statement of principle by Harvard?

Harvard Sells Off Its Investments in Israel | The Media Line

Links of the Day: • Israeli…

Links of the Day:
• Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and the 1967 border by Dore Gold
• Writing About 'BDS' by Jonathan Cristol
• Why Must Our President Apologize for Islam? by David Pryce-Jones
• Sacrilege at Ground Zero by Charles Krauthammer
• Colombia isn't Auschwitz by Ofir Haivry
• Meet The Women Of Hezbollah by David Schenker
• The NY Times Tries and Fails to Explain the Israel-Palestinian 'Peace Process' by Barry Rubin
• The Israeli-Saudi-American Alliance Against Iran by Lee Smith
• Major U.S.-Saudi Arms Deal to Bolster Riyadh against Iran, The Washington Institute
• If This Isn't It, What Would Be? by Yaakov Lozowick

Image of the Day: Our Man on Aljazeera |
Mordechai Kedar: defending Israel in Arabic.

Remember how 'peace activists'…

Remember how 'peace activists' on the Mavi Marmara attacked Israeli commandos? It never happened! According to this clip, 'twas the Love Boat. The top celebs of Israel-bashing appear in a new book, 'Midnight on the Mavi Marmara' (, announced in the clip. Set sail with Rashid Khalidi, Sara Roy, Steve Walt, Neve Gordon, Juan Cole, Ali Abunimah, Ilan Pappé, and Philip Weiss. Truth overboard!

Midnight on the Mavi Marmara | OR Books
Midnight on the Mavi Marmara reveals why the attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla may just turn out to be Israel's Selma, Alabama: the beginning of the end for an apartheid Palestine.

Tony Judt's shiva is over…

Tony Judt's shiva is over, so can we start to speak truth again? He was no "heartsick lover of Zion" (as claimed below). His later contempt for Zionism was an anachronism—a throwback to the Jewish anti-Zionism that reigned in Europe from Herzl to the Holocaust. But his earlier Zionist socialism was anachronistic too. When Judt was born, there were 600k Jews in Israel. On his death, 5.8m. So who was ‘out of sync’?

Remembering Tony Judt, Heartsick Lover of Zion by J.J. Goldberg | Forward
Judt wrote that the difference between Zionism and other ethnic nationalisms was that Zionism missed the post-World War I moment when ethnic states were all the rage. Born out of its time, Israel was in the most literal sense ‘an anachronism.’

I recommend this 2-part BBC…

I recommend this 2-part BBC documentary on 'Useful idiots' which aired over the past two weeks. The first part is devoted to Western enthusiasts of Stalin's Russia. The second ranges from China to Iraq (there's a memorable clip of George Galloway singing the praises of Saddam Hussein, part 2, minute 14:00). And over whom do today's useful idiots swoon? Islamists, of course—but that's not covered here.

Useful Idiots | BBC World Service
From Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Pinochet's Chile, and Saddam's Iraq, to Ahmadinejad's Iran, why—and how—have so many supposedly intelligent people been manipulated into saying good things about bad regimes?

Links of the Day: • War is …

Links of the Day:
• War is on the Way by Joshua Muravchik
• Did the Middle East Just Dodge a War? by Michael J. Totten
• The Obsolescence of Barack Obama by Fouad Ajami
• Poll Shows The Shocking Reality of Arab Public Opinion by Barry Rubin
• Cinders of Lebanon by Lee Smith
• Bibi May Have Gotten More than He Bargained for with UN Panel by Jonathan Tobin
• Report: With Israeli strike looming, U.S. raising Iran stakes by Ben Smith
• Israel At War: 586 BCE–1982—2010 by Phyllis Chesler
• Butcher of Buchenwald in an Egyptian paradise by Robert Fisk
• Hamas' many-splendored contradictions by Hussein Ibish

Image of the Day: Saudis to test giant clock in Mecca
Saudi Arabia will test what it is billing as the world's largest clock in the holy city of Mecca during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Tony Judt's passing…

Tony Judt's passing ( invites a rereading of Leon Wieseltier's critique of Judt's 2003 NYRB essay 'Israel: The Alternative.' "A bi-national state is not the alternative for Israel," wrote Wieseltier. "It is the alternative to Israel. Judt has given credence to the suspicion that the criticism of Israel's policy is always nothing other than the criticism of Israel's existence."

What is Not to be Done by Leon Wieseltier | TNR
Judt does not like that he is caught in a web of implication. The behavior of the self-described Jewish state seems to have affected the way everyone else looks at him. I detect the scars of dinners and conferences.

The BBC does the Mossad…

The BBC does the Mossad. "The programme includes interviews with Ephraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad, and Rafi Eitan, leader of the team which captured Adolf Eichmann. Other former Mossad members talk about their recruitment and training as well as covert operations in the Middle East. They insist they follow a strict ethical code but," etc. More interesting than I thought it would be. 24 min.