Links of the Day: • The Next…

Links of the Day:
• The Next Lebanon War by Lee Smith
• Is Israel becoming a banana republic? by Moshe Arens
• A State of Uncertainty [on Joel Beinin] by Jonathan Gelbart
• Oren 'clarifies': Pollard spied for Israel, JTA
• Helen Thomas Has Many Comrades, Mostly Enthusiasts For The Palestinian Cause by Marty Peretz
• Maliki's Own Goal by IraqPundit
• Hezbollah Wants Transparency? by Tariq Alhomayed
• The Runaway General [McChrystal] by Michael Hastings

Image of the Day: Ofek-9 Israeli Spy Satellite Launch and Simulation
The Israeli Ofek-9 satellite was successfully sent into space on Tuesday evening (June 22) at 10:00 PM.